Garden resourcesWelcome to our resource centre for gardeners. If you enjoy gardening, we hope you enjoy using this site to find information that will help you in the garden.

Garden Resouces brings to you an ever expanding information bank of garden related data, articles, manuals and other odds and ends that we think might be of interest to you.
In recent years gardening has once again has become increasingly popular. Whilst it can present much work, frustration and problems, there is no doubting the attractiveness of fresh vegetables or magically colourful borders in any garden.

Thinking of a decking ? Decking areas have become much more common especially 'out of season'. As our unpredicatable weather allows us to benefit from mild days and although the overall temperature is not always as high, patio heaters provide the answer. If you have a lawn, then you'll know only too well the ammount of care and attention that it takes just to mow it and trim the edges occasionally.

Gardens can be wonderful places, they can also be hard work. Garden Resources aim to answer your gardening questions and therefore make managing your garden that bit easier.

Our new eBrochure aims make choosing flowers, bulbs or vegetables much easier to do. It provides you the ability to turn the pages and broswe through, just like a real catalogue. We hope you enjoy it, and recommend us to a friend.

Potty about plants......

Potty PansyPot plants are a great way to provide colour in those places in which you would not otherwise grow plants as easily. Pot plants do not have to be restricted to your patio or decking areas.

Mini SyclamenOur new eBrochure contains many plants that can be grown in pots and tubs easily.

Growing carrots in a pot

More than just flowers....

Many vegetables can be easily grown in pots, allowing you to enjoy delicate plants like basil all year round.
Many of us have grown mustard and cress indoors, why not try chives or carrots too ?

Our new eBrochure contains many plants that can be grown in pots and tubs easily.

New Bloomin' eBrochure
Our new eBrochure, bringing blooms to life!

Click here to view our eBrochureOur new eBrochure catalogue brings our plants to life.

It is easy to use and provides a resource that you can access anytime. The online brochure is exactly the same as the printed version. We know as a gardener you'll also be keen to help us pretect the environment by not producing paper based catalogues, for those of you who can read the electronic version.

Click here to view our
eBrochure now....

You can also download the eBrochure as a PDF document if you wish.
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